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Happy Poetry Month!

I hope you're off to a good start if you're celebrating poetry month! I'm easing into it between finishing up projects and since we have so much testing going on, my schedule has been a little wacky. I'm doing a lot of centers I tried out last year and keeping my eye out for some new activities this year. If you have any poetry inspired centers to share, let us know!

Some things I'm continuing from last year are Storybird, Table Top Poetry, my magnetic poetry center.

As soon as I get Word Mover on my iPads, I'll be using that and LEGO poetry is a big hit again this year. The moon poem is by a second grader and it's my favorite LEGO poem I've seen!



My {amazing} colleague, Jennifer Reed, just posted about trying out poetry centers in her library to inspire her students' inner poets. Check out the amazing poetry her students have created as well as the centers she's been using!