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LEGO Poetry

I'm FINALLY getting around to posting about the fun poetry month activities I did at the end of last year! I think I've mentioned poetry has always been something I tended to avoid because I wasn't very comfortable with it. I was inspired to give Poetry Month a shot after seeing a lot of fun-looking poetry activities on Pinterest and by other library teachers (especially Jennifer Reed!).

One poetry activity I was looking forward to trying out all year was LEGO poetry.

I used this as a center with K-4 and it was a hit!  Many teachers even got in on the action!





It was very interesting watching how students built their poems.  Some kids created poems that read from the top down, some from the bottom up, and some from side to side.  I was very confused by this second grader's poem until he read it to me: A book will yell at a boy.  The baby will tell the mother."