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More Poetry

I've enjoyed Poetry Month a lot this year and hope you are too!  This is the second time I've celebrated Poetry Month and this year was better than last year since I've become more and more comfortable with teaching poetry and sharing poetry with my students.

I normally structure my 30 minute library classes to have a 15-20 minute lesson followed by check out and centers.  I usually do all poetry centers during checkout but I tried a different approach after seeing how my colleague, Jennifer Reed, used poetry centers to help students to dive into poetry.  In a few classes across a few different grade levels, I introduced poetry month by letting students use library centers for the whole library period.  The kids were very excited about it and created some amazing poetry! Here are some of their creations:

Blackout Poetry:
was deaf to everything lying full on the ground with his head out over the river. Augustus! You're leaning too far out! Splash in one second he disappeared ~ from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The sun was rising opening the rose on the mantlepiece, bowing on its stem as if it were looking in the window. "Thank you" I whispered to the velvet rose

I was born in the forest I roared every living thing away "But that isn't right." I know it, it is my great sorrow. ~ from The Wizard of Oz

Blackout Poetry
Florida swallowed a mouthful of man-eating rats ~ from Ruby Holler

Table Poetry:
I tried a few small table poetry papers this year, including images from weeded books like Tuesday and The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, animal trading cards from National Geographic Little Kids magazine, and photographs.

Magnet Poetry


Pocket Poems

Free Write

LEGO Poetry

Poetry Book Exploration
At this center, students browsed poetry books and if they found a poem that spoke to them, they copied it down (with credit to the original author!) and illustrated it on a frame. I made frames and found a few on We hung these poems around the library. I also did this as a poetry introduction in a few classes and the kids really enjoyed it!


Coming soon...third grade biography poems, fifth grade photo Haikus, and K/1 color poems, as well as some poetry projects from last year I somehow forgot to share!