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Color Poetry!

What kind of poetry writing do you do with your youngest students?  I haven't attempted too much but I have done color poetry with K and 1st grade.  After reading poetry and collaboratively writing poetry as a group, I had my K and 1st grade classes try writing some poetry.

Kindergarten color poetry is something I really enjoyed doing last year and I did it again this year.  I have larger classes, no classroom aide, and a lot more ELL (English Language Learners) students this year so I was a little intimidated at first but it went well!  I grouped the kids with help from my ELL teacher.  She has been working on colors with her students so color poems tied in nicely.

     color_poetry_1 color_poetry_2


This was my display last year, I don't have as much space to hang things this year!

In 1st grade, we got a little more complicated by writing our color poems using our senses.  I modeled writing the poem on my whiteboard and then the kids chose their colors and did their writing independently. They did an amazing job!
color_senses_2 Color_senses_3 color_senses_4 Color_senses_5 color_senses