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Have you seen floor-etry on Pinterest? Last year I saw this pin and had to try it. I can't believe I forgot to share it with you! I have been sorting my pictures because I take tons and I found these and realized I never shared. I didn't get a chance to do floor-etry again this year but I'm going to make sure I block out enough time for it next spring.

I did this with second grade but I think it would work well for any of my grade levels except K because it would be a lot of writing. My first graders could do it by spring. At the time, the kids were studying fairy tales in the classroom so I decided fairy tale characters would be a great topic for our poems. I also tried to make it a little more structured since they hadn't done much poetry in the library so they wrote simile poems describing a fairy tale character they had studied in the classroom. They worked in groups of two or three.

After the kids wrote out their poems, they copied each line onto a sentence strip, which I laminated but in retrospect didn't need to do.

Then the kids arranged their poem however their group liked. This was really interesting to watch because each group was so different.

After they were arranged the way the kids wanted, I added velcro tape to the back of each sentence strip so it stuck to the rug. We tried to put them in less trafficky areas of the library. I kept them out for a few weeks and they held up pretty well.