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I’ve Tweeted about this a few times already but washi tape is my absolute favorite new thing this year!  My friend @mkschoen got me hooked when we decorated her library before school started.  Here is a sign we jazzed up simply by adding tape. I think this tape was actually Scotch Expressions which was more like a regular Scotch tape texture, where washi is like a masking tape and I find easier to use.

Since then, I’ve used washi tape on tons of different things in my library – some functional, some decorative. Functionally, I’ve used it to define areas on my whiteboard like my center choices board:
and to help identify library neighborhoods like my graphic novels:
and to mark the library laptops since I have the same laptops as many classrooms:

I have also added washi tape to different items in the library to jazz it up:

Anyone else tried out washi tape?

3 Responses to “Washi Tape”

  1. nancy

    Where do you buy it? And how much?

    • mrslodge

      I buy my washi tape at Staples, Target, and AC Moore. It’s usually about $2.99 per roll but it’s often on sale at Staples for $2.00 and AC Moore always has 40% off coupons.

  2. Nancy

    I bought a bunch today for my new school year, thanks!

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