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Gaffer's Tape and a Tape Line

Do you know about the magic that is gaffer's tape? I like to have a line for students to stand on when they go in and out of the library. A visual aid helps them know where to keep their bodies and adds routine to entering and exiting the library.

lineI tried a lot of different kinds of tape over the years: painter's, masking, masking tape with packing tape over it, and inevitably it would quickly be ruined by the hundreds of kid feet walking on it. Then a colleague told me to try gaffer's tape. It's magic. It's strong and cloth so it doesn't tear easily. Of course, it can be peeled up and will need replacing at some point in the year but it lasts!

I used it in multiple places in my library but my enter/exit line and wait line for independent check out were the most helpful uses!

tape 1Wishing everyone a happy and low stress start to the school year!!!