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Truffula Trees!

For the past few weeks, I have been planning Dr. Seuss's Birthday Bash for my school.  We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday with a week of reading celebrations.  To add to the fun, I wanted to incorporate some Dr. Seuss-themed decorations into my library space.  I've seen many cute truffula tree projects on Pinterest so I decided to give truffula trees a whirl.

Here is what I came up with: 

I'm thrilled with how they came out!  I may have developed a truffula tree addiction and want to spend all day tomorrow making more trees.

I initially thought I would use paper towel rolls to make small truffula trees.  Then I thought big trees would be more fun.  The first tree trunks I thought of using were pool noodles but I couldn't find any in stores yet.  The next best thing I could think of was foam insulation for plumbing.  I popped over to Home Depot and tracked down plumbing insulation.  Turns out, it's super cheap!  I got a pack of 4 3' insulators for $2.47 and the taller 6' insulators for $1.28 each.  Then I found some yellow duct tape...perfect!  I also picked up some $1 packs of tissue paper from the Christmas Tree Shop.

Here's how I went about making my truffula trees: 

First, I used Martha Stewart's instructions for tissue paper pom-poms.  The only change I made was to keep the floral wire long to attach the pom-poms to the foam insulators.

 I used all of  the same color tissue paper for some pom-poms: 

 and alternated light and dark shades for others:

I wrapped the foam insulators with the yellow duct tape: 

Then I attached the pom-poms to the "trunks".  The foam insulators are hollow, so I stuck the ends of the floral wire through the center of the foam tube and poked them through to the outside.

Then I twisted the ends together:

Lastly, I added one more strip of duct tape to cover and secure the wire: 

Voila!  A truffula tree:

As much as I'm enjoying the Seuss-ified corner of my living room, I can't wait to bring these trees to school after vacation and jazz up the library!