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Adopt a Shelf

Adopt a Shelf is a brilliant idea one of my colleagues shared with me.  She does it in her library and I thought it was such a fantastic idea, I had to try it.  Basically, it puts the kids in charge of keeping the shelves neat and organized.  This fit in really well with what we just learned in 4th grade - fiction call numbers and fiction collection is organized.

I decided to introduce the idea of adopting a fiction shelf to take care of during my 4th grade classes two weeks ago.  I have a really great group of 4th graders this year and told them that they are the oldest and most responsible students at school and could be each be in charge of a shelf.  They went nuts over it!   I had one 4th grade girl say "Mrs. Lodge, when you told us we could organize our own shelf, I was SO excited!"  Who knew?  

The kids take a few minutes in between our lesson and book check out to check their shelves.  They make sure the books are in order with the spines facing out, that the shelf is nice and neat, and if their shelf has room, they can pick the books on display.  I ordered new book ends because I don't have enough and baskets for books and the kids will be in charge of putting these on their shelves when they come in.  I put framed class lists near the door where the kids check off their name after they check their shelf so I can see who did their job.

The orange label is the student's name and the green label says the shelf number.

Some of the kids took their job to the next level and made little signs with recommendations for books on their shelf.  It's very cute!  I'm just so impressed with how seriously they are taking their jobs and how easily they took on the responsibility of taking care of their library.

Sorry for the terrible photography on my part!

My custodian suggested I pick a Shelf of the Week, which I thought was a great idea.  I made a little badge and chose a Shelf of the Week.  I'll move the badge to a new shelf next week and leave a little Shelf of the Week Winner ribbon in its place.

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