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Origami Library Center, Part 1

A few months ago, I asked my Twitter PLN if anyone was doing an origami center. A few people said they had tried it out. I had been thinking about it for a while because my origami books are ALWAYS out. I constantly had kids asking for them and even have an origami book basket in my nonfiction section so they're easier to find.

I decided to test out an origami center to see how it went and it ended up being my most popular center this spring! To set up, I grabbed the few origami books I could get my hands on and put them in a basket. Since most of the books were checked out, I also made folders of printed instructions from different origami websites. I chose very simple models for the folders - a dog, a ladybug, a sailboat, and a cat. I didn't have any origami paper, although if I can get a good deal on it over the summer, I'll probably get some. Instead, I used pages from books I was weeding. I cut the pages into squares and put the extra few inches of paper in my bookmark bin because those scraps were bookmark shaped.




I only offered the center for 2-5 so I'm curious if anyone else has used something similar with first graders?

PS - Stay tuned for some cool, creative, unexpected things that came out of the origami center!