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This and That

First, I'm very excited for This Is Not My Hat and The One and Only Ivan!  I actually just read Ivan last week and absolutely loved it. If you haven't read it, do yourself a favor and read it. right. now.

Second, I have been doing some rearranging in my library:

I separated out the graphic novels and am slowly and steadily changing their call numbers to GN.

After opening up 3 shelves by moving the graphic novels, I spread out my nonfiction collection so it's a little less squishy in popular sections like sports and animals.

I got tired of running around finding unicorn, mermaid, and dragon books in all sections of the library so I made a 1-shelf section of mythical creatures.  I haven't decided how to designate them yet.  It's not so much a matter of the kids locating them but for all my volunteers who help shelve.  Suggestions?  

Annnnd, lastly, I made a holiday section.  After pulling Christmas and Hanukkah books and finding out I have an incredible number, I decided to make them into a section.

 Everything is stickered thanks to the previous librarian but I'm not sure if these should be designated "holidays" somewhere in the catalog. 

Any cataloging suggestions or interesting sections in your libraries?