Origami Library Center, Part 1

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A few months ago, I asked my Twitter PLN if anyone was doing an origami center. A few people said they had tried it out. I had been thinking about it for a while because my origami books are ALWAYS out. I constantly had kids asking for them and even have an origami book basket in my nonfiction section so they’re easier to find.

I decided to test out an origami center to see how it went and it ended up being my most popular center this spring! To set up, I grabbed the few origami books I could get my hands on and put them in a basket. Since most of the books were checked out, I also made folders of printed instructions from different origami websites. I chose very simple models for the folders – a dog, a ladybug, a sailboat, and a cat. I didn’t have any origami paper, although if I can get a good deal on it over the summer, I’ll probably get some. Instead, I used pages from books I was weeding. I cut the pages into squares and put the extra few inches of paper in my bookmark bin because those scraps were bookmark shaped.




I only offered the center for 2-5 so I’m curious if anyone else has used something similar with first graders?

PS – Stay tuned for some cool, creative, unexpected things that came out of the origami center!

6 Responses to “Origami Library Center, Part 1”

  1. Sherell Stepp

    Great idea to use the paper from weeded books. I am thinking paper from old encyclopedias would be sturdy….

    • mrslodge

      There’s a crazy difference between different kinds of books! I never really thought about it until this origami center. Most of my nonfiction and picture had sturdy pages, as well as some original American Girl books. Cheap paperbacks had cheap paper and some hardcover fiction had nice weight paper for things like this.

  2. Beth

    Have you tried monster corner bookmarks? A real hit in my library classes.

    • mrslodge

      No but I’ve seen those on Pinterest! I will definitely add them in this coming year!

  3. nancy

    I started this with our 5th/6th and wrote a grant for paper and new books. The new origami books are only used in the center. The kids get 1 piece of paper at check out and turn in the book before they leave. They love it! I’m starting 4th grade soon, and may do 3rd. Not sure I want to try 2nd in a high poverty school…

  4. Nancy

    I did this by passing out paper as kids checked out. Books are on the checkout counter too. We also did trash origami (book too) using recycled paper from old graphic novels, etc. Just tear with a ruler into a square. I got my books and origami paper on a grant from DonorsChoose.org, love them!

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