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Slippery Bookends Quick Fix

My library is seriously lacking in the bookends department.  My shelves are metal and have adjustable supports that slide along the top of the shelf and hang down to hold books up.  They're similar to this:



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As soon as a few books are removed from the shelf, the other books just slide under the hanging book end and make a huge mess.  The kids can't adjust the hanging book ends because you have to squeeze the metal arms together while you slide it and they pop out at you if you aren't careful.  If you have any suggestions about making these types of supports work in an elementary school, please let me know!

The few regular bookends I had either had nothing on the bottom or the cork and foam had disintegrated because they're so old.  Metal bookends on metal shelves also weren't working well because the bookends just slipped away from the books.  I figured out a super easy solution that has made my metal books ends nonslip:  adhesive craft foam!  I had a bunch of  foam with a sticker back because I use it for a lot of craft projects.  You can get it at craft stores like AC Moore and Michaels but they also have just the foam with no adhesive backing at places like Target and the Dollar Tree.  I picked the colors I didn't anticipate using any time soon and cut out pieces for the bottom of each each book end.  They've been on all year and are still holding up well and they don't budge!