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Library Trivia Jenga Center

Who doesn't love a good game of Jenga?  I saw a few Jenga games on Pinterest - math questions and other school-related trivia.  I thought, why not library trivia?  Luckily, I found a Jenga game at the thrift store for $3!

I am also part of an assessment team developing a questionnaire to assess student learning in the library.  There were so many questions ideas from our assessment I was able to tweak for my Library Jenga.  It also helped me gear the questions to what students should be taking away from library class.

The best part about Library Trivia Jenga is that students are having a blast playing while reviewing important library terms and ideas.

For my Library Trivia Jenga, I first made up a list of questions.  I numbered and color coded them just to make it easier to find the answers on the cheat sheet.  The colors also make the game just a little more colorful.  Then I laminated the questions and answers.  I cut up the questions and taped them to the blocks.  That's it!

Students play a little differently than traditional Jenga.  They set up the Jenga tower.  Then, when they take out a block, they have to answer the question.  If they get the answer right, they can keep the block.  Otherwise it goes back on the tower.  The person with the most blocks wins.

Here are some pictures the game and students playing: 

This center is available on TPT.

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