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Library Crossword Center

This center is Pinterest-inspired.  If you aren't using Pinterest, you're missing out on some really amazing classroom and library ideas!  Pinterest has a really amazing teaching community and it is such a great way for teachers to share ideas about what is going on in their classrooms.  There's a good deal of school library ideas too.  I also find I can easily take "classroom" ideas and make them work in the library.  

Here is my Library Crossword Center: 

Set up: 
I don't have any magnetic surfaces in my library so I bought an oil drip pan (pretty cheap for the size  ~$10 at AutoZone).   I cover the Blitz logo, which is raised, with a sign telling the topic of the week.  I change this sign weekly using topics such as: library, genre, mystery, nonfiction. 

To make the letters, I cut foam sheets into squares, wrote letters on them, and stuck a magnet strip on the back.  I realized after the fact, there are TONS of Scrabble and Scrabble Jr. games at Savers that you could use.  These letters were more work but they are pretty and colorful!

This center gets the kids thinking of vocabulary and lets them work together.  It also helps them practice spelling.  I even had kids using dictionaries to check their spelling!  I love seeing what words they come up with.  I think my favorite was when they incorporated my name into their library crossword :)

This center is available on TPT.

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