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This is the current state of my new library:

Ahhhh…total chaos but I promise it will look pretty when I’m done!  

My wonderful aunt and cousin came to help me today and we got so much done.  Right now, when you walk around the library it goes: picture books, nonfiction, fiction, with easy readers and lower level fiction on 12+ carts around the room.  I’m trying to move things around so it goes: picture books, easy readers, fiction (already leveled), nonfiction (so there’s no break between fiction sections).  I’m also trying to find more space on the shelves to get rid of some of the carts.  If carts float your boat, that’s great but they’re not for me so I am trying to shift things around and get rid of as many as possible.  Keep you posted!

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  1. amfuller

    Good luck with rearranging things. I did the same thing when I moved into my current library. And carts are not for me either. Hope you find the space. Maybe a little weeding is in order?

    • Mrs. Lodge

      Weeding is definitely in order! I’ve already pulled quite few books from the 70s and 80s as I’ve been moving books around!

  2. Corisa W

    Your fiction section is leveled? Could you share how? My district has asked me about this, and I’ve always said no, but it would be easier, and more helpful for the students looking for books for readers workshop. I’ve just been cautious as to pigeon hole kids into a particular “letter” etc.

  3. Mrs. Lodge

    Hi Corisa,
    The fiction collection was leveled by the previous librarian. When I get back from vacation I can give specific details about how she did it. In my last two libraries I always had an easy reader section and divided the rest into an intermediate section and regular chapter books. My middle/intermediate section had books like Junie B, Cam Jansen, Magic Tree House, etc. I found this to work really well and made it much easier for younger kids to find just right books. My new collection is divided into 5 leveled, color coded sections. I’ll post more about it and whether I plan to keep it this way next week!

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