Why do YOU like reading?

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I posed this question to my 2nd and 3rd graders today.  I can’t wait to make a display of all their wonderful answers!  Here is my favorite:

(because there are fun adventures that make your brain happy).  Did that make everyone else happy in their teacher hearts???

My other favorite was one of Michelle’s 2nd graders who said reading is important “because it gives you knowledge and knowledge is power”.  I should have taken a pic of his very creative spelling of knowledge :)

7 Responses to “Why do YOU like reading?”

  1. Michelle

    I LOVE this! I totally agree with these kids… I read for the same reasons.

    P.S. What books are you reading now? Have you started the Hunger Games?
    We should start a blog book club. :)

  2. Mrs. Lodge

    I just finished Chasing Vermeer and The Wright 3 (for kids!) and now I’m reading If You Were Here by Jen Lancaster (her memoirs are hilarious if you haven’t read them). I may be the only person in the world who hasn’t read the Hunger Games yet! I have to get on that!!! We should absolutely start a blog book club – that would be amazing :)

  3. Matthew C. Winner

    Oh! Can I be in your cool people blog book club?! I’d love to have a couple of blogger pals to read with. (plus… it would be great to read some grown up books :P). Just finished reading Room. Reminded me of why I need to break to read adult books more often.

  4. Michelle

    Room is fantastic! …hmmm what should we read first???

  5. thecoffeehouse

    ha ha. these are some smart kiddos!

  6. Michelle

    You’ve just won the Liebster Blog Award at my blog! :)

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