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Found Friday

I've been in a crafty mood so I found some crafty center ideas this week.

The first is actually from a reader! Beth was wondering if I had tried monster corner bookmarks. I have not tried them out in the library but I've seen them on Pinterest. So fun! I'm definitely going to add this into the rotation.
Monster Corner Bookmarks
The original instructions from that pin are from Tally's Treasures. I have tons of scrap paper from various projects and can think of so many fun add-ons like googly eyes or foam stickers.

Another cool bookmark craft I found are these braided bookmarks:
Braided Book Mark

The last center I found are toilet paper roll characters from Dollar Store Crafts:
toilet paper characters
I think I would have kids write blurbs or speech bubbles to go along with their characters explaining why you should read their book or a mini character-biography. I expect this would also be a start-and-store activity because my students wouldn't finish in one class. I would just have a storage bin to keep works in progress.

Don't forget to check in with Cari and Carolyn for their Fun Fridays! I'd love to hear any center ideas you're playing around with for the upcoming school year!