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#LibraryCenters at AASL13

Are you going to AASL13 in Hartford next week? If you are, be sure to stop by IDEAxCHANGE on Thursday to see me, Cari, and Carolyn! We will be sharing all about library centers. We'll have centers from our libraries for you to try, lots of great pictures, handouts, and center freebies so you can get started or expand centers in your library.

I'm so excited to be able to share what we love about using centers in our library, connect with blog and twitter friends in real life, and learn from the many amazing library teachers that will be there sharing what they do in their libraries. Oh and I'm also VERY excited to wear my new shirt Carolyn designed for us:

If you are going to AASL13, I hope you stop by to chat with us about library centers! Even if you can't make it to AASL13, you can join the conversation on Twitter with #librarycenters. Also be on the lookout for a TPT center starter kit and sales in all our stores!