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Super Easy Poetry Center

Happy Poetry Month!

I've shied away from poetry in the past because I'm not very comfortable with it.  I did have a lot of fun with spine poetry last year and between that and a few other really inspiring poetry ideas I've seen around, I'm giving it a shot this year.  I plan on sharing some of the fun projects and other centers (April vacation next week = blog catch up!) but I have a quick and easy poetry center or poetry activity for you today: Table Top Poetry.

During my Kindergarten Mo Willems author study a few months ago, I was inspired by @the_pigeon's dining room dinner doodles and covered one of my tables with bulletin board paper for the kids to draw their favorite Mo Willems characters.  It worked beautifully and was a fun, silly way for the kids to share their learning.  I decided something similar would work for poetry too.

I decided to choose a theme each week and picked "under the sea" to start.  I covered a table with blue paper, printed a picture of a coral reef for inspiration, and put out pencils and markers.  This is what happened over the course of the week:

Any favorite poets, poems, or activities you can share with this poetry-newbie?