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Updated Oil Drip Pans

Remember this?
This is one of my two, well-loved, well-used oil drip trays.  I use them for my crossword center, my Boggle center (IOU a post on this!), my poetry and story board centers, and I'm sure I will find many more uses for them in the future.

When you buy an oil drip tray   they are this galvanized looking metal.    (Autozone, $9.99, bring a big garbage bag to put them in because they're greasy until you clean them).  I thought it would be a nice touch in my new library to paint them to match my green/pink/orange color scheme.

I cleaned the trays and primed them with spray paint primer (I believe I used Rustoleum brand).

 And added a few coats of colored spray paint: 

The green is less yellow in real-life.  I think it was called Key Lime and in real life it's a key lime pie color :)

This one hasn't been used yet but I love how it's tucked in its own little nook.