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Poetry/Story Board

Happy June!  The school year is winding down has been crazy!  I've been weeding, inventorying, and organizing the library.  The kids have been wrapping up projects in all my library classes and we have had librarians from the public library visit to talk about summer reading.  Needless to say, I've been busy!

This is a center activity I hope to use for multiple activities.  So far, it has been used to write poetry but I think it will also be used to write sentences or stories.  

I bought another oil drip tray from Autozone for a magnet board.  I cut out any interesting words I found in my giant stack of to-be-read magazines that have been sitting in my living room for months.  I taped the words to card stock and laminated them.  I used a roll of adhesive magnets (and 4th grade library helpers) to make the words into magnets.

Here are a few poems I saw the first week we used this center: 
Suddenly, chocolate chip cookies running
1) ten math superhero critters glow like television
2) sun sparkle glitter upon the ocean

  It was a little labor-intensive but I will be using this for multiple center activities and so far the words have held up fine so I don't see making any new words in the near future.