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Truffula Trees Part 2

I have had a crazy week getting ready for our Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash, I haven't had time to post pictures of my Truffula Trees in the library!  Although Dr. Seuss's birthday was yesterday, we are celebrating all next week with reading activities.  I'll post some of the fun things we do at the end of the week!
Anyway, here are some pictures of the Truffula Trees in the library.  The kids loved them and they make the library much more colorful so it was well worth the time spent making them.  I put them all around, although I think it would have also been fun to have them all in one area and have a Truffula Forest.  

I duct taped them up for now.  A few trees I made with heavier tissue fell so I stuck them back up with a few extra pieces of tape...we'll see if they stay up this time!

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