New additions to Shelver: A Guest Post

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Hello all, Mr. Lodge here with a Shelver! update. Mrs. Lodge and I have recently added a couple new features to Shelver! that we wanted to share. These new features come to you thanks to Shelver! user suggestions.

New Feature: Alphabet Reference

One of Mrs. Lodge’s 4th grade students had a great suggestion to include an alphabet reference. Sometimes it is difficult to remember the order of the alphabet, so we hope this new reference will help students out.

To see the alphabet click on “Show Alphabet” at the top right of the shelf.

show abc

Click it again to hide the alphabet.


New Feature: Updated “Wrong Order” Alert

We love suggestions, and one of our Shelver users suggested we include more distinguishable alerts between “correct” and “incorrect” order alerts. Now, when a student checks their shelf, if the order is incorrect a new image appears with a different colored speech bubble.

new wrong order alert

That’s it, we hope you are enjoying Shelver!

7 Responses to “New additions to Shelver: A Guest Post”

  1. Traci Hamilton

    Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Lodge! My library students LOVE Shelver! What a smart 4th grader to suggest the alphabet reference :) ! Keep up the great work!

  2. Sharon Lambeth

    My students and I love this game. It is such a fun way for them to learn and practice shelving skills!

  3. Mister J's Library

    Many students have asked me to say thank you to Mrs. & Mr. Lodge for creating Shelver. So, in their words, “Thank you, Shelver Rocks!”

  4. Shelly

    We use E for our Everybody/picture book section, would you be able to add that to the game? I’d love to play with my younger students too!

  5. kendra

    Hello! I was wondering what program Mr Lodge used to make this game? I would love to learn to make games :) Thank you!

    • mrslodge

      Hi Kendra! I made all of the book graphics. Ben is a web developer and he made the actual game from scratch with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to practice when he was making his career change from business to developing.

  6. Ms Tracy

    Can’t wait to try this out in my library!

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