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Happy Poetry Month!

I’ve shied away from poetry in the past because I’m not very comfortable with it.  I did have a lot of fun with spine poetry last year and between that and a few other really inspiring poetry ideas I’ve seen around, I’m giving it a shot this year.  I plan on sharing some of the fun projects and other centers (April vacation next week = blog catch up!) but I have a quick and easy poetry center or poetry activity for you today: Table Top Poetry.

During my Kindergarten Mo Willems author study a few months ago, I was inspired by @the_pigeon’s dining room dinner doodles and covered one of my tables with bulletin board paper for the kids to draw their favorite Mo Willems characters.  It worked beautifully and was a fun, silly way for the kids to share their learning.  I decided something similar would work for poetry too.

I decided to choose a theme each week and picked “under the sea” to start.  I covered a table with blue paper, printed a picture of a coral reef for inspiration, and put out pencils and markers.  This is what happened over the course of the week:

Any favorite poets, poems, or activities you can share with this poetry-newbie?

9 Responses to “Super Easy Poetry Center”

  1. Cari Young

    Mrs. Lodge, I LOVE this poetry center! May I share one of your photos on my blog?
    Cari (The Centered School Library)

  2. Mrs. Lodge

    Of course Cari! Thanks!

    • Cari Young

      Thank you! 😀
      Of course, I linked to this post. I love that mural of colorful student poetry!

  3. Carolyn

    I can’t wait to reclaim my tables after Book Fair to try a doodle table! The poetry may or may not be as successful as I haven’t focused on it this month.

  4. sam

    I am really enjoying your blog. Have u considered adding pin it buttons to pics or overlaying a few words on your pics for pinning. I am just beginning library school and hope I can remember all these fantastic ideas “whenever” I am blessed with my own library. I think you would also pick up a lot of blog traffic from it. Great job!

    • Mrs. Lodge

      Hi Sam,
      I will definitely look into this. Until I figure out how to add a pin button to images, you can feel free to pin anything using the Pinterest button you install in your browser from Pinterest. I know others pin my images using that button and you’re more than welcome to as well!

  5. Amy

    Mrs. Lodge,

    Love this idea and your other great ideas! I am a first year librarian (who has had an amazingly unique start to school librarianship) but am not new to teaching or poetry! Poetry sharing is one of my passions! Although I’ve not recently made any updates, my blog has some fun poetry ideas that you might enjoy. Happy poetry & school library month!

    • mrslodge

      Thanks for sharing! I just started an origami center and I love how you combined origami and poetry in your library!

  6. Amanda

    Love this idea! Found this post on Pinterest while looking for ideas – this could be wonderful for my library!

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