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We recently got 6 iPads for the library.  4th graders have spent the last few weeks exploring some of the informational apps I’ve bought.  They have practiced finding information in them and have been thinking about the pros and cons of each app. Some favorites so far are Barefoot World Atlas and Bobo Explores Light.  I also have a few Britannica Kids encyclopedias.  If you have any informational app suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

The kids LOVE exploring the apps during center time but I wanted them to be tracking their learning somehow.  A few weeks ago, as one class was walking in the door, I grabbed some scraps of bright colored card stock and added it to the iPad center. I told the kids to write down the interesting facts they are learning from the apps they are using.  This center was a hit and has since progressed to me writing “Did you know?” on the cards and then actually printing out “Did you know?” cards, which one fourth grader said look “much more sophisticated” than the handwritten cards, haha.  I also added a place for them to write their source at the bottom.  

I have been taping the cards to corresponding areas of the nonfiction collection for other students to read as they browse for books.  I’ve certainly learned a lot of interesting facts! 

When we were comparing atlases after discussing Barefoot World Atlas, some students brought in their own atlases and we used those in this center as well! Any resource would work well for this center!

The center sign and card template is in my TPT store!

4 Responses to “Did You Know? Center”

  1. Ms. O

    Wonderopolis might be a fun app to use in that center. If you don’t mind them moving around with the iPad (two hands and ALWAYS walking) you could post QR codes near the relevant print sections and have them scan to get to that “wonder.” (I say this cause I just did a simple presentation. 😉 If you go to msoreadsbooks and look for the QR page and scroll down to the bottom there’s a sheet of 20 QR codes linked to Wonders ready to go.)

  2. Jenna

    Just curious – how did you get the iPads? Grant, donation, generous principal? I’m a school librarian and I’d love iPads but they’re not in my budget!

    • Mrs. Lodge

      Hi Jenna, the technology coordinator in my district was able to get 24 iPads through a grant from a local foundation. We divided the 24 iPads among the 4 elementary school libraries, so we each got 6. This was a pretty big deal for my school. I have a terrific library budget, but our technology has been behind other districts I’ve worked in. I hope you are able to find a way to get a few for your library!

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