My New Best Friend

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I may just be late to the game on this but I found this guy at my new library and he is most definitely my new best friend: 

He’s a label peeler!!!  Does everyone else in the world know about this?  It’s life-changing in my little library world.  I can’t tell you how many nails I’ve broken and how many sore fingers I’ve had over the past three years from scratching and peeling labels off discarded books.  This little guy just slips in under the label and you just pull it right off.  I even used it to feel off labels that were taped onto shelves with book tape.  Here’s a close up: 

And here is Mr. Lodge being a good hubby and helping out in the library. He shifted all the picture books over after I opened up 3 shelves that had other things on them.  Then he moved all the fairy tales to their new home across the room.  You can see the sea of carts I mentioned.  We emptied 5 so far!

I’m heading off on vacation tomorrow but I already can’t wait to get back to continue fixing up the library!!!

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  1. Rhoda

    I’ve never seen one of those before. But I have broken tons of nails…I’ll be looking to purchase one ASAP

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