Truffula Trees!

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For the past few weeks, I have been planning Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Bash for my school.  We will be celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday with a week of reading celebrations.  To add to the fun, I wanted to incorporate some Dr. Seuss-themed decorations into my library space.  I’ve seen many cute truffula tree projects on Pinterest so I decided to give truffula trees a whirl.

Here is what I came up with: 

I’m thrilled with how they came out!  I may have developed a truffula tree addiction and want to spend all day tomorrow making more trees.

I initially thought I would use paper towel rolls to make small truffula trees.  Then I thought big trees would be more fun.  The first tree trunks I thought of using were pool noodles but I couldn’t find any in stores yet.  The next best thing I could think of was foam insulation for plumbing.  I popped over to Home Depot and tracked down plumbing insulation.  Turns out, it’s super cheap!  I got a pack of 4 3′ insulators for $2.47 and the taller 6′ insulators for $1.28 each.  Then I found some yellow duct tape…perfect!  I also picked up some $1 packs of tissue paper from the Christmas Tree Shop.

Here’s how I went about making my truffula trees: 

First, I used Martha Stewart’s instructions for tissue paper pom-poms.  The only change I made was to keep the floral wire long to attach the pom-poms to the foam insulators.

 I used all of  the same color tissue paper for some pom-poms: 

 and alternated light and dark shades for others:

I wrapped the foam insulators with the yellow duct tape: 

Then I attached the pom-poms to the “trunks”.  The foam insulators are hollow, so I stuck the ends of the floral wire through the center of the foam tube and poked them through to the outside.

Then I twisted the ends together:

Lastly, I added one more strip of duct tape to cover and secure the wire: 

Voila!  A truffula tree:

As much as I’m enjoying the Seuss-ified corner of my living room, I can’t wait to bring these trees to school after vacation and jazz up the library!

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  1. Jo

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! I might just have to attempt to make these for my MC. :) How do you get them to stand up?


    • Tara

      I love these too. And if you want your kids to grow a plant that looks and moves like a Truffula Tree, have them grow a TickleMe Plant. Tickleme Plants have the same PINK Cotton Candy like flower and they will move by closing their leaves and lowering their branches when tickled. Our school gets our tickleme plant classroom kit at

    • Ava's dad

      Maybe try hanging them from the ceiling, a la Martha Stewart’s pom poms (as I guy I never thought I’d type a sentence like this), with enough slack so they are on the floor and leaning a bit. No tripping hazard, easy to vaccum around.

  2. Mrs. Lodge

    Thanks Jo! Right now, they’re just taped to the wall with one or two pieces of duct tape. They’re super light weight. I have to bring them in to school after vacation and figure out how to display them but I think use tape there too. I’ll let you know how displaying in the library goes!

    • Anonymous

      Great looking trees! I too made truffula trees for the library where I volunteer. Here’s how I got mine to stand up: I turned a planter tray upside down (it is a foam/plastic type tray). I used “L” shaped brackets to attach PVC pipe to the trays. I had to use four brackets per pipe, then slid the foam trunks over the PVC. I made the tops out of paper mache but I like your much better plus a lot less work. I only put two trunks on the tray that is about 12″” across. I mixed up concrete patch that I had to cover up the brackets on the tray and also added weight to the bottom, then used acrylic paint to color it green. Hope this helps, it sounds expensive but I had most of these items on hand.

  3. Anonymous

    I am definitely making these! My husband is a plumber…so I think I can definitely get my hands on the plumbing insulation! I’m calling him and asking him to bring some home with him tonight!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Anonymous

    These are amazing! I am definitely making these this weekend. You are brilliant!!

  5. Anonymous

    I’m going to make these with my third graders as a cooperative learning activity! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Mrs. Shininger

    I love these! I made them with butcher paper for the stems, but the foam insulators were a great idea!!

  7. Sonya @

    Hi – I just saw your trees on Pinterest! Love them, and I was also thrilled to find a fellow librarian blogger. Just started and I have seen lots of teacher’s blogs, but not so many elem. librarians. Started following you too.

    • Mrs. Lodge

      You wouldn’t think elementary library teachers would be so hard to find! Can’t wait to check out your blog :)

    • Rose Pawley

      i love these!! I am also thrilled to find blogs from elementary librarians. I do so love my job and can’t wait to see more ideas from your blogs! Thanks!

  8. Anonymous

    Love this idea. I stayed late at work today and put up a lot of trees. Wish I had seen this blog first.

    Where did you get this background picture? Love love love.

  9. Anonymous

    I am IN LOVE with this idea! Thanks so much for the creativity! :)

  10. Cari Young

    Mrs. Lodge,
    Thanks for sharing your Truffula trees! I can’t wait to make them with my shelf elves (student helpers)!

    • Mrs. Lodge

      Thanks Cari! I love the idea of shelf elves. I just had a few 4th grade girls ask if they can help me with little projects. I’m sure they’d love the title shelf elves :)

  11. Anonymous

    I have to steal this idea!! They are gorgeous! I work in a small branch library. I will make room for this!! Awesome!!!

  12. K Crawford

    Love them & am doing this for our classroom! Thanks so much for sharing such a great idea!

  13. Library Princess

    How did you stand them up?

    • Mrs. Lodge

      Right now they are just taped to the wall with a piece of duct tape. I have to figure out how to set them up in the library when school vacation is over. I’ll probably just tape them at school too. They’re so light, just one or two (for the taller trees) pieces of tape is holding them up.

  14. Life In The Thrifty Lane

    Thanks for sharing them! Hope you don’t mind if I share them with my readers tonight :)

  15. Lostlemonade

    Thanks for sharing these adorable trees! I will be borrowing this idea for my son’s K class – they will love them!! Following your blog!

  16. bloodletter78

    thank you for sharing-i have been [painting dr seuss murals in my kids school library since the beginning of dec….on one entire wal is the lorax and horton…im going to make these trees and connect them to the railing that is encorprated into the lorax mural for next weeks celebration…thank you soooooo much

  17. Jill

    Fun, Fun, Fun! Saw the 3D idea, am using for our door decorating “event”. I used butcher paper – very hard to “fluff” but we have exterior doors so they are sturdy and hold up to wind and weather. Turned out GREAT. Lot’s of oohs and aahs from my kinders. They are trying their best to make mini-truffala trees (aka pencil toppers. I took their photo with a Loraz ‘stache and they stuck them on a flat truffala cut out with the word “Unless” on it. Thanks for the Pin-spiration!

  18. Anonymous

    I just made these for my classroom and they were easy, and turned out amazing! Thanks!

  19. Kristin Young

    Those are fantastic!! Thanks for the clear instructions! :)

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  20. Lynne

    These are amazing! I can’t wait to try this with my third graders this week!

    This might be a dumb question – but how did you get the ends to be pointy? Did you cut the tissue paper before you started pulling it apart?

    Thanks for the great idea – and pictures to help us figure out how to do it ourselves!

    • Mrs. Lodge

      Not a dumb question! After I folded the tissue paper and secured it with the wire, I cut the ends on an angle for bigger points or into a point for smaller points. I can take a picture if that doesn’t make sense :)

  21. The Paisley Apple

    Cutest trees I have ever seen! I LOVE these….and I am going to make these!

    Thanks so much for sharing your cutest creations…I pinned them on my PInterest Board! <3

  22. f25a7e72-5ff2-11e1-8dff-000bcdcb5194

    I love this idea. Thank you for your creativity and your sharing. I know my 4th and 5th graders in our environmental club are going to love making these in our gathering this weekend. We’ll ‘plant’ our trees in our main hallway where the whole school can enjoy them, and this is where our Panther Earth Pals will share the Lorax with our primary grades. I can’t wait to get to the store to get the supplies. Thank you a zillion times. Pinned on my Pinterest, also.

  23. Marcia Bernard

    Thanks for sharing this great idea! They came out great and I can’t wait to bring them to the library on Monday. It will really add to the Seuss theme!

  24. Mrs. Lodge

    Thank you so much for all of your comments! I’m so glad other people like them as much as I do!

  25. TWinston

    LOVE the idea, I making them today and plan on taking them to my 1st grade class tomorrow. The kids are going to be so surprised!

  26. Deb

    Too awesome! Do you have a pinterest board? I would love to pin this!


  27. Mikki

    So adorable!

  28. mrs. c

    I was asked to decorate my door for Dr. Suess bday and this is exactly what I wanted to do! Thanks for sharing your information! I have the foam insulators for a wreath I have not made yet but I don’t have yellow duct tape. I am going to hot glue yellow ribbon-just don’t want to buy anything to make them! I am going to cover my door with blue paper, make a tiny hill and put a lorax on it and them put the trees around him. Thanks again!

  29. kids creative chaos

    Awesome!~ I’ll use pool noodles. Great for Drama Club Trees.

  30. TammySF.

    These are SOOO cute!!! I’m your newest follower!!

  31. kinderdiva

    These are ADORABLE!!! I immediately headed to my local Home Depot, gathered supplies, and I currently have 1 Truffula tree adorning my bulletin board. Thank you! I can’t wait to see my student’s reaction tomorrow! :)

  32. Anonymous

    love them

  33. Spark*Amy

    Thank you so much for sharing! I made some this weekend for my daughters’ second grade and preschool classes. For the Preschoolers I got a bucket, Easter grass and some bamboo sticks from the Dollar store and some spray foam insulation from Home Depot. I filled the bucket with the spray foam and stuck the bamboo in then slid the trees over the bamboo. That way they can just set them in a corner or move them to a safer area.

    • Mrs. Lodge

      Great idea to make the trees easy to move! I love hearing how other people make truffula trees!

    • Bernadette Sotelo

      I’m wanting to make truffula trees for my sons first birthday party next month. since Easter just passed the grass is on sale so i think i’ll use that :) would you mind sending me pictures so i can get a visual on how you did it? my email is thanks!

  34. Kayla

    Hi Jessica!

    We stumbled across your fabulous truffula trees and loved the design so much that we featured it as part of our Dr. Seuss showcase at our blog, Bulletin Board Ideas! …No, they’re not technically a bulletin board, but they were too darn cute to leave out :)

    You can find the full feature here:

    We were sure to give idea/photo credit, as well as a link back to your blog, but we’d love for you to take a look at it. If there are any problems, we’ll be sure to take down the feature immediately!

    Thanks so much,
    Kayla Johnson

  35. Mrs. Farrell

    Our art teacher sent me your link on Pinterest, and I made them for my library! So easy! Thanks for posting the directions…wonderful idea! To get them to stand, my husband put dowels in the pipes, then using extra wood he had in the garage, he cut them into bases, and drilled a hole the diameter of the dowel. They stand great, and my students and faculty love them!

  36. Acacia

    i tried to make one it looks like a cloud i messed up pretty bad

  37. MarkitaLei

    I am so making a ton of these for my daughters room.. We are doing a Dr Seuss theme and she is obssesed with the cat and the hat movie and the new Lorax comming out tomm. Thank you so much for sharing.. I’m super excited to surprise her with these!!!!

  38. Traci

    I soooooo wish I saw these earlier. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!
    Dragonflies in First

  39. S. Bracht

    I saw these trees on Pinterest and had to make them for my Preschool classroom for my Dr. Seuss theme. My kids loved them and they look so great in the class. Thank you.

  40. Anonymous

    FABULOUS!!! Thank you so much for sharing your creative genius!!

  41. Miss Ducko

    I TOTALLY stole your idea, but I made sure to give you credit when everyone at school was gushing over how adorable they were!! I also just gave you a shout out on my own blog so that you get credit for the awesomely easy tutorial to follow! Thanks for sharing and helping me make this Read Across America Day special for my class all week long!

  42. Anonymous

    Have not read all posts, but to make them stand. put on a flower pot add a little concrete and paint pot and concrete green

  43. HappyFeet

    We took our whole school to see the Lorax this week. I loved the movie and goggled for art ideas that night. Guess what I did yesterday. Yip I made Truffula trees and they’re a hit! Thanks Mrs Lodge.

  44. Anonymous

    I love this idea! I just read The Lorax to my kids and they loved it… I might just make some of these and bring them in as a surprise!

    • Mrs. Lodge

      Thanks! You should make some – the kids LOVE them :)

    • Anonymous

      Making trees per your instructions for my daughter’s baby shower in July. THanks!

  45. Jessica Stanford

    Oh my word these are great! Dr. Seuss theme next year anyone?!


    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford’s Class Blog is Having a Giveaway!
    My TpT Store

  46. Anonymous

    I am making these this weekend for my daughter’s upcoming baby shower. All Dr. Seuss themed. Thanks,

  47. Anonymous

    Just made these to go over my daughter’s reading area in her playroom. Thank you so much, they are adorable!

  48. mekei


  49. Anonymous

    these are amazing! if only i had these things, or am allowed to get them:(. i love to craft so i cant wait to get the opportunity to make them! quick question: did you come up with these yourself? thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Miss 2nd Grade

    These are ADORABLE. I’m absolutely making them for my second grade class. I’m going to post a link back to this page on my blog too because I included the picture of yours. :) Thanks for sharing!

  51. Anonymous

    I made mine just as you did and I love them, but I was wondering how Im going to stand them in the classroom. I thought of putting them close to walls and using hot glue on the insulation and attaching them to the wall.

  52. Anonymous

    Looks like fun! I cannot wait to try this!

  53. Anonymous

    I made these for my daughter’s baby shower and now they are in the nursery at her house. I used PVC pipe inside to make them stand up, and cut the pipe shorter than the foam to allow for some ‘swaying”. At thr bottom I cut six small pieces of pipe each and used cross tie PVC pieces to make stands. The can be moved around and will stand alone.

  54. Anonymous

    Thank you for sharing your ideas! These are adorable! I really appropriate the detailed instructions and photos so I knew just exactly what to do! I have made four if them and olan to make several more while resting this week. Spent the last nine weekdays getting my new kindergarten room ready! My entire room is Seuss and these will be a great edition!!

  55. Footsteps In First Grade

    Just wanted to let you know that I love your trees! I made some for my classroom (gave you credit)…Thanks for this great idea. It’s a hit at my school!
    Footsteps In First Grade

  56. Mrs. Lodge

    Hi Beverly,
    Thank you for such a thoughtful comment. I should probably add a “Permission to Pin” badge to my blog to help people feel okay about pinning my ideas. I have this blog to share ideas with other library teachers and I’m completely fine with people pinning from here. I can see what’s been pinned from my blog and who is pinning and I don’t feel like people are trying to steal my images or claim them as their own. They’re pinning to remind themselves of something they liked or to share with others, which goes right back to the purpose of my blog! I think my opinion could be different if I were an artist or photographer marketing my artwork as a living but for my purposes, it’s fine by me.
    Thank you!

  57. Anonymous

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I love your trees!!!!!! You did an amazing job!!!!! I have one question how many sheets of paper did you use? I’m planning my son’s 2nd birthday party and it’s The Lorax theme :)


    • Mrs. Lodge

      Hi Julia,

      I found 10 to be a good number. I made one with 8 but it wasn’t full enough and 12 can work too but 10 was just right. It also depends what kind of tissue paper you use – higher quality paper is stiffer but more difficult to fluff as you make them, cheaper paper is easier to work with but the trees get a little floppy over time.

      Good luck!

  58. anet1223

    I just came across these looking for (more) ideas (that I don’t really need!!) for my son’s first birthday in a couple weeks. I have some Cat in the Hat decor from school but wanted more from other Dr. Seuss books – these would look great “growing” from behind our couch!

  59. Milli_Bebe28

    I just want to thank you so much for your design idea. I am doing a holiday workplace decoration contest and this is perfect for our dr. seuss theme!!

  60. Shanyn

    These are FABULOUS! I’m doing Dr Seuss theme for my classroom this year and these are so easy and perfect! Thank you!

    Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists

  61. Sue Guidry

    Love your trees. Would you mind if i used your great idea for a baby shower?

  62. Anonymous

    These are exactly what I was looking for! I run the Dr. Seuss Week at our school and the kids are going to flip over them! Thank you for sharing!

    Kristen H.
    Long Island, NY

  63. Courtney E

    how did you go about making the ends looks like they do?

    • Mrs. Lodge

      When you make the pom pom (see Martha Stewart’s instructions!), you have to fold the tissue paper back and forth, like you’re making a fan. Then, you can cut the ends to a point or curved like a flower petal before opening the pom pom up. Hope that helps!

  64. periwinkle

    This is darling. How did you stand the trees up??

  65. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for this great cheap idea to make the truffula trees. I made them for my friends Dr. Seuss baby shower and they turned out so cute and were so easy to make. Thanks again for sharing!

  66. Jazz

    After seeing this on pinterest I ran to Home Depot to get supplies…My son’s Bday is March 2 (same as Dr Seuss) so I thought it was only fitting to celebrate My son’s bday and honor Dr Seuss at the same time by doing a Dr. Seuss theme party…these trees will be the perfect touch to the decorations! TY!

  67. Anonymous

    AMAZING!!!! thank you, I bookmarked your site….I teach preschool, yet I feature
    ‘an author of the month’ in class. The children love learning about different authors, seeing a pic of them and doing crafts relating to them…of course you know who is featured this month! thanks again

  68. Anonymous

    These are fantastic! Thanks for the great idea! I work for Head Start and am planning a Dr. Seuss themed brunch for families and these will be such a great decoration:)

  69. Jazz

    I made them and I must say they came out pretty good! I used black and white duct tape and followed the video to make the papers puffs…it was a HIT!..I also used command strips to help them stand. Wish I could attach a photo for you to see..they were a hit!

  70. Fun Things With Fabric

    Made these to add to a Dr. Seuss-themed bulletin board outside our school library. These came together very nicely. Boy, do they ever make a statement! My two Truffula Trees are the perfect finishing touch to make this board totally over-the-top! Thanks for the idea and the great tips.

  71. Anonymous

    LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! Thank you for sharing :)

  72. Devin Sweeting

    I’ve been wanting to decorate my son and daughter’s shared room in a theme that would suit both of them. This is a great idea! Can’t go wrong with Dr. Seuss! Thank you for this great idea and tutorial!!!

  73. YariYara

    I MEGA LOVEEEE!! I’ll make them for my classroom! I’m so excited I think I’m gonna cry they look great! The kids will love them!

  74. Martha

    Cool TickleMe Plants

  75. Kelli

    Making these right now for my boys’ Dr. Seuss inspired birthday party tomorrow! Thanks so much for the awesome idea these are going to look awesome as part of the backdrop for our picture corner!

  76. Bonnie Kasoff

    I have made the trees but do not know how to get them to stand up. Any suggestions?

  77. klikes99

    Truffula Tree Tops, hobby lobby has 3 pom poms in a package for 4.99 Pretty great deal and the work is almost done! :) These look great. Thanks for the ideas too. They’ll go great in the grand babies play room. :)

    • Klikes99

      These trees are o much fun to make! Warning, pick up more supplies than you need lol. I am going out for more! TFS
      Ps; party city has rainbow Pom poms

  78. Caitlin

    Thanks so much for the inspiration! Check out my blog post!

  79. Vicki

    Oh my…thank you thank you thank you! I have been trying to find the best way to make truffala trees, and you have THE BEST idea! My class library will now be complete

  80. Colleen

    You are amazingly creative! I’m decorating for a Dr. Seuss themed high school event and these will add significantly to the occasion. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome creativity :)

  81. Jennifer

    My daughter is going to school on Monday dressed as the Lorax and I am going to make one of these for her to complete the outfit! I love this!

  82. lindsay

    just made these. but instead of paper i used styrofoam balls and glued colorful boas to the ball then attached it to a pool noodle!

    • Amanda

      Hi Lindsay, I am doing the same exact thing except it was recommend that I not glue the boas to the ball, but instead use greening pins. How did yours turn out using glue? How are displaying them. I am making it for my son’s Dr. Seuss themed playroom.

  83. Lauren ashton

    What did you do to make them stay standing?

    • mrslodge

      I have tried a bunch of different things but the velcro style command strips have worked best. I attach them to the wall.

  84. mel

    im wondering if someone has done this for outdoor use??

  85. shannon

    what is a good diameter for the pompoms on a regular pool noodle? how about the extra thick pool noodles?

    • mrslodge

      I make mine out of standard tissue paper you’d get at the drugstore, Target, or the Dollar store. I think they would be fine for any size! I love the extra thick pool noodles as a truffula trunk but I haven’t tried them out myself.

  86. Stephanie

    I love the idea of these trees, but I’m using them in a nursery and I’m wondering how to attach the pool noodles to the wall so the baby can’t pull them over. Suggestions??

    • mrslodge

      I have had good luck attaching them with velcro command strips. I have them in my playroom right now and they are coming up from behind a day bed so my kiddos can’t really reach them.

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