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Nonfiction Book Bins

I have always used bins in my fiction collection to help students find series books more easily. I began using bins in certain sections of my nonfiction collection to enable students to more easily find nonfiction books they were looking for. It was much easier for the littlest students to locate the sports, arts and crafts, and pet books once they were in bins.

Book bins were a lifesaver in the chaos of kindergarten and first grade book checkout. If I was helping one student and someone else wanted help finding dog books, I could tell them to go look for the blue basket with the dog picture. This helped them be a little more independent instead of just standing and waiting for me to lead them to the right section.


I also have always found sections like arts and crafts and sports are always a jumbled mess because shelvers (at least those in my library!) don't pay close attention to the decimal points. Bins really helped tremendously in the sports section! If you're interested, you can get my labels in my TPT store.

Have you used bins in your nonfiction collection?