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Dewey Shelve-it!

Big news!


Mr. Lodge and I finally finished making a Dewey version of Shelve-it!

shelve it

When you go to Shelve-it! and choose New Game, you will now have a choice of Fiction or Dewey.  It's definitely trickier than the fiction version but I hope it will help my students and yours become independent library users who can find nonfiction books on the shelves using call numbers.

I had many wonderful library teachers send me book titles for them to "write" in Dewey Shelve-it!  In the shelf below, you might recognize Mrs. Crook, Mrs. Ellis, and Carolyn.  My dad, an electrician, is the author of Electricity and my mom is the author of Peacocks, one of my colleagues is the author of Once Upon a Time, and a library teacher from Georgia is the author of Cake Decorating Fun.

shelve it

It's much more fun to have books that are meaningful instead of just making them up of the top of my head! We are happy to add more if you send us your last name and a topic or title you'd like for your book!  Just use the Contact page or send me an email at mrslodgeslibrary(at)gmail(dot)com.

I hope you find this new version of Shelve-it! useful in the upcoming school year!