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Center Management Update

A new year, a new library, a new center management system! So far, this is my favorite and seems to be working the best.

A few years ago, I posted signs on top of a low book shelf:


Last year, I didn't have any shelf space so I used my SMARTBoard:


Each of these worked fine but my new system is even better although it took a little extra work:


In this library, I have a magnetic white board with a SMART projector. My board is a little wider than the image projected so I used the space on the side to create a center choices and must do area:

The must do area has anything that MUST be done: checking out books, exit tickets, shelf checks, etc.

I made the cards like mini versions of my center signs with images so kids can make a visual connection. I printed the cards on cardstock, laminated them, and attached magnet strips to the back:

I'm liking the new system because it gives me a place to address center choices and anything else I want the kids to do, it's there all the time (unlike when I turned off my projector last year), and it adds that visual element of matching the center signs.

How are you managing your centers?