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My goodness do I have a lot of catching up to do!  Here is a little recap of my very busy May-June:

AASL:  Cari, Carolyn, and I submitted a proposal to AASL for the 2013 conference in November and were accepted!  We will be presenting about centers in the elementary school library during the IdeaXchange portion of the conference.  Come visit us!

Big Move:  This spring, Mr. Lodge and I made the decision to move back to Boston.  After returning to Connecticut last summer, where we both grew up, we quickly realized Boston had become our real home.  This decision was tough because we liked being closer to family and I loved my colleagues and students at my CT school but we knew it was the right choice for us.  Anyway, deciding to move also meant new jobs, a new home, and all the other things that goes along with moving.  That, along with regular end-of-year craziness is why I've been too busy to blog!

New Job: I'm very fortunate to be going back to my former district next year!  I'm thrilled to be going back to work with a really amazing group of librarians like   @librarybrods @libraryreeder @CAKosmo @nfmatters & @mkschoenThey are truly an inspiring, creative group.  I learned so much from them the one year I worked with them so I can't wait to see what I can learn from them this coming year!

Saying Goodbye:  While I am very excited for my new library adventure, it was so hard to say goodbye to my colleagues and students from this year!  I had the best group of kids and some really wonderful teachers, all of whom I'll miss!
All cleaned up...

Packing: My least favorite thing in the world!  Although, you can see I made good use of library book boxes...thanks Follett, Junior Library Guild, Demco, and Barnes and Noble!

 I didn't realize how many school puzzles I had accumulated over the past few years:

After 6 squishy car rides, I decided my truffula trees will need new tops for the new library so I snipped them off before the move.
New Library:   I've been able to get in to see my new library and take a few pictures.  It's definitely the best physical space I've ever had and I can't wait to get in and make it my own.

Whew...hope you're having a relaxing summer so far!