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Library Pictionary Center

 Can you guess what this picture is?

It's a little small on here but those are arrows pointing at a call number!  I thought this student did a great job drawing her topic for Library Pictionary!  

Below, you can see the simple set up for this Library Pictionary center:
I use a small white board, dry erase markers and eraser, and topic cards (all library related, of course!) for this center.  The kids LOVE it, especially the students who love to draw.  The first person to draw chooses a topic card and draws a picture to represent the topic.  The other people try to guess what the topic is based on the picture.

One thing I will be doing differently this year is that I will print the topics on cardstock instead of regular printer paper.  Even after laminating, the cards were a little floppy so I think cardstock would be a better choice.  You can get my Library Pictionary Center on TPT.