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Lego Poetry Center

Remember this post?  I finally got around to putting words on the Duplos!  Well, some of them.  I probably have enough to do two sets if this center works as well as I hope.  I think it will be especially fun in April for Poetry Month. 

 I used a lot of K-2 sight words to make it appropriate for a range of grades and abilities. I also threw in some library words and some fun words.  I can't find the file with my list of words anywhere or else I would share with you!  If I make a new copy, I will update with the GoogleDoc link.

To make the lego poetry, I used a table in Word with cells that would fit on the Duplos.  I laminated them but I bet you wouldn't need to depending how you attach them.  I tried attaching some words with tape like I did for my Library Jenga Trivia but the tape was a smidge too big and hung over the edges, which bugged me.  Then I tried Mod Podging them on and that worked really well.  

Once this center is in action, I'll let you know how the kids like it and how the Mod Podge is holding up!