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Order in the Library

**Update: the bad news is Order in the Library was taken offline in 2012 but the good news is Mr. Lodge made Shelve-it, a game to practice shelving books.

I've been doing a little research into what happened to Order in the Library.  I'm SO sad it appears to not be online anymore.  It was such a great way to introduce library organization and have students practice shelving.  They loved my Order in the Library center!  

I found a few people are able to continue using it through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine which archives websites.  The link I found that works (for now!) is this one.  

I have also seen some talk about the disappearance on list serves such as LM_Net but no solid information about whether it will be restored.

Such a bummer :(  Hopefully the Wayback Machine link will work okay for now.