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Exit Tickets

I saw Cari at The Centered School Library has been talking about assessment recently.  I often use exit tickets to assess student learning.   I have found them to be a very helpful way to check whether students understood a concept or main idea I was trying to get across during my lesson.  I have also been able to see where I went wrong or if I need to clarify anything in my next lesson.

I have tried a few different ways of giving exit tickets.  

I have used slips of paper: 

I also recently started using sticky notes.  I leave out a sign with the question and a few pads of sticky notes.  I have two places students can leave their sticky notes - a "parking lot" and a tree.  This lets me do sticky exit tickets with back to back classes.

My last type of exit ticket is electronic.  I used Wallwisher last week to have 4th graders post questions for an upcoming author visit.  It was not totally smooth...some kids didn't remember to click "ok" when they were done typing and their stickies didn't stay posted.  But, I think with some practice, this might be a fun way to evaluate at the end of a class.