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Hi all! I’ve finally had a little time to spend back here. I’ve been wanting to share one of my favorite centers I introduced last year: my maker-inspired Engineering Center. It was a huge hit with students from the get go but took a lot of tweaking to figure out how to manage on my end. I’ll be sharing the center, our maker gallery, and some of the benefits I found from this center over a few posts

I had spent a good deal of the summer looking for different types of building materials at thrift stores, yard sales, and even my parents’ basement. I found different kinds of blocks such as snap blocks ($3 for a whole set at a yard sale!), Hexisnaps, LEGOs (courtesy of my little brother), and many other building tools.


I introduced this center after my usual re-introduction to centers in the beginning of the year. I needed everyone to be in the habit of using centers, cleaning up, and following expectations because I knew they’d be so excited to have the opportunity to create. I was right – every grade level was thrilled with this new center! Stay tuned for how we used this center to create a Maker Gallery in the library!


*grab my Engineering Center on TPT

4 Responses to “Engineering Center: Making in the Library”

  1. Sarah Rosslan

    So glad to see you posting again! I had a question about the top picture. Is the product called Hexisnaps? I would love to get some. I’ve implemented makerspaces as my library centers this spring and it has been a huge hit so I’m wanting to expand and looking for ideas. Thanks!

    • mrslodge

      Hi Sarah! The top pic is K’Nex. I have Hexisnaps too and they are flat hexagons that attach to each other. The kids actually really like both but Hexisnaps is a little better for the younger kids. I got my Hexisnaps at a flea market for $3! I had a few bins of K’Nex from my 5th grade teachers because they used to use them for science/engineering (now they don’t have time…sad!) but it’s worth asking around your school in case people have stuff they aren’t using.

  2. Dawn

    I’m new to your site. Love all the information I’m getting. Question for the bottom picture, are they just colored straws?

    • mrslodge

      Yes! I got a variety of colorful straws from the dollar store and the kids make all kinds of things with them.

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