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I’ve been doing a lot with letters to start the year with my younger kiddos. The ABC Table Art Center gives us a letter to focus on each week and I also started the year reading a few alphabet books like LMNOPeas and Miss Bindergarten.

This Letters Center is a fairly simple center I have been using with K-1 (although I have let the older kids use it if they ask!). The objective is for students to put the letters in ABC order or make simple words with them.


After I saw some fabric letters on Pinterest, my incredibly crafty mother in law made me a set of my own! She even went above and beyond and used fabric that matches the letter – J is for jack-o-lantern, P is for Penguin, etc. This adds another element because the kids can try to figure out what the letter stand for. The letters are the perfect size for little hands – about 4″x5″ and they’re washable! If you’re interested in your own fabric alphabet, my MIL has an Etsy store where you can buy letters.



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  1. Kebbie

    In the picture above it looks like you have a ” focus” statement for each grade. Would you be willing to post more info on that? Perhaps you already have and I have just missed it? Thank you!

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