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ABC Table Art is one of my new favorite centers for my littlest kiddos!


I’m lucky enough to have one day of all Ks and 1st graders so I can easily set up centers just for them. For this center, I cover a table with paper (like Table Top Poetry) and the kids write words or draw pictures of things that start with the letter of the day.

I change the letter each week, going in order of the alphabet. I have seen a huge difference in the variety of words the kids have come up with in just a few weeks. From A to C, they have gotten more and more creative. We went from apples (and little else) on “A” day to composter, candy corn, cat, crocodile, clock, candles, castle, carrot, corn, cheetah, and more on “C” day. I can’t wait for the other letters!

“A” is for…

“B” is for…

“C” is for…

I also set up a table with books that go along with the letter of the day:



Last week, I mentioned to a 4th grade class that I needed to find books about things that start with B and they went nuts over finding B books. It’s almost like a scavenger hunt for them and now I just write the letter of the week on my center choice board so they know what to look for. The older kids feel important pulling books and it certainly makes my life easier!

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  1. Rachel

    I love all your ideas! Do you leave the tables covered with centers and books during instruction with older kids? I only have 4 tables in the library so I find when I have centers set out it’s very distracting to the kids if I’m showing something on the smart board or doing a lesson, but if I try to clear the tables then I’m always clearing and setting up a million times a day.

    • mrslodge

      I have K/1 on the same day so I can set up the letter of the week books like that without issue. I usually take them down for the other classes. But, I could display them somewhere else instead. I often leave the paper down and the older kids know its a choice for the younger kids. I do leave centers out on the tables because there’s usually plenty of space to work if we’re doing a project that needs table work. I try and spread centers out around the room so I don’t have centers at every table all the time. I might have two on the tables and they are usually in some type of container or basket so it’s not that hard to grab it and put it aside if necessary. I also have the kids sit on the rug while I’m teaching/talking and then they might go to a table after so they aren’t sitting there while they should be paying attention to the lesson.

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