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I am so excited to finally share this project!

Last year, I blogged about the old University of Texas Order in the Library game and like many of you, I was super sad to see it taken down.  I’ve tried using the Wayback Machine Internet Archive but the game is finicky and unreliable since it’s not a real website anymore.  

This is where Mr. Lodge comes in.

Mr. Lodge has been making a career change to web development. He was looking for ways to build his skill set and I couldn’t help pointing out he might as well help me out by building something fun and interactive for the library.  He’s been working hard to develop Shelve-it, a game for students to practice putting books in order:

I’ve been using Shelve-it as a center activity (grab a free center sign here) and plan to use it to help introduce call numbers to my second grade friends towards the end of the year.  So far, my 3rd and 4th graders have been having fun using it and think Mr. Lodge is pretty cool for making them a library game :)

Down the road…
Mr. Lodge is also working to make Shelve-it available as an app.  I have it on my iPads and the kids love it!  We’ve heard the process to submit an app for the App Store is pretty rigorous but we’re hoping it will go through.  And as my kiddos are mastering fiction call numbers, a Dewey version is in the works.

Hope you enjoy Shelve-it!

28 Responses to “Shelve-it”

  1. lewisgrade5

    I LOVE this game! Can’t wait to use it with my students. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ms. O

    Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome.
    Did I say it was awesome?

  3. Ms. Broderick

    Wow! Are there any spare Mr. Lodge’s around?! So incredibly cool! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Shelly Pickren

    Thank you! thank you! A million thank yous for sharing!! this is great and I can’t wait for the Dewey version and the app!

  5. Keri Thrift

    WOW! First rate work, Mr. Lodge! I am eagerly awaiting the Dewey version! Any plans to make an “E” everybody section version?

  6. Meredith Hausauer

    This is AMAZING! can’t wait for the Dewey as well!

  7. Ms. Drew

    This is WONDERFUL! I hope you and Mr. Lodge go ahead with the app process, there are NO apps like this one. I really love the little details on each book and I can’t wait to share it with my students.

  8. Ms. Bery

    This is phenomenal! Kudos to Mr. Lodge for being so supportive and willing to lend a hand for the education of library students everywhere!

  9. Amanda Hamilton

    You and your husband rock! Thanks so much for creating this for us all!

  10. Mrs. Dunnack

    Fantastic! Will pass this on to our elementary librarian.

  11. Anonymous

    Fantastic! I love this! I have been looking for apps to work with these library skills, and will be eager to purchase these when you and Mr. Lodge get them up and running. Yeah to you both!
    Mrs. L

  12. Patti Karam

    Mrs. Lodge, I LOVE your book authors!

  13. Jen Natic

    Thank you so much for this! I had 3 classes try it today and all the kids loved it! Can’t wait for the non fiction, and perhaps a fiction version with all the last names of the authors starting with the same letter?? Thanks again! Jen :)

  14. cseibert

    This looks amazing!! My students would love this, unfortunately, our filter blocks this at school because the site is “not rated”. Would you be willing to rate this site as “educational” so our filter won’t block it? All the elementary media specialists in our district would love to use it! Thanks so much for your consideration!

  15. Anonymous

    Love it! Non-fiction would be great, maybe soon? Thanks!

  16. Matthew C. Winner

    This is AWESOME! Thanks so much to you (and your husband) for a creating Shelve-It! I know it’s going to get a lot of use in our library!

  17. Julee

    This is fantastic. What a hubby! Thanks. I really missed that library shelving game. It was fun and so it yours. I am proud to say I never made a single mistake. i will have my Jr. Librarians try it out. They are getting a bit rusty on their skills because I find books in the wrong places. Or lazy.

  18. By Amy B.

    Used this yesterday with my third graders. They LOVED it! Thank you, Mr. Lodge! : )

  19. Cedar HIll Library Media Center

    I have already used this through the SmartBoard with students, but am having problems with it working on the ipad. Can you help?

  20. Jocelyn

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will be sharing this on my site,

  21. simonee

    Hmm, good job! This is really something!

  22. Verla

    This is cool!

  23. Barb

    My kiddos and I love Shelve-it! Works well on a Smartboard and an iPad. I have kids playing as a free choice item when they go to the computer lab. Have used it even with 1st graders! Thanks to both of you!

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