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Book buddies is one of my new favorite things this year!  I saw this post on Pinterest and loved the bucket of book buddies.  I’m not a big stuffed animal person but my new library came with a crazy number of puppets.  I’m also not a puppet person so  I kept the puppets that were in good condition and threw them in a bucket.  I left the bucket out thinking they could be book buddies for kids to read with.  I didn’t expect them to be a huge hit but they are!  In every grade, K-4, the kids absolutely love them and it’s so sweet to see them reading out loud to a buddy.

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  1. Ms. Drew

    Hi Mrs. Lodge! I used to be the Library Teacher at your last school and just started using centers this year. Your blog has been a great resource, thank you for all of your amazing ideas! Good luck in your new district.

    • Mrs. Lodge

      Thanks Ms. Drew! I was wondering if that was you Cari wrote about the other day! Love the campfire idea :)

  2. librarylady

    I love the bucket! I’m going to have to get one of those! I started using “book buddies” this year and they sort of take over a corner and look messy so I can’t wait to corral them into a cute bucket like yours! (BTW – where did you get yours?)

    • Mrs. Lodge

      Thanks! I got them at the Christmas Tree Shop a few years ago but I did see them there this year. It’s an easy way to manage them. When it’s time to get ready to leave, the kids just toss them back in the bucket.

  3. Anonymous

    Are you familiar with Karma Dogs ( They are a big draw at our elementary school’s annual Literature Night. The kids love reading to them… ~Cindy H

  4. Emily

    I love this idea, but how do you keep the buddies clean? Even clean hands can get a stuffed animal grubby. Has this become an issue for you?

    • mrslodge

      It hasn’t become an issue yet. I’ve washed a few if needed. The kids at my school don’t really snuggle them or anything, they sit with them and read to them.

  5. Rachel

    I’m trying this center this year, but even after modeling, am having a hard time getting the kids to read to the buddies quietly. Most often, the center dissolves into a throwing/yelling/playing with stuffed animals center after a few minutes and I have to put them away. Any tips?

    • mrslodge

      How frustrating! I find the younger kids use them more appropriately than the older kids. My fifth grade classes last year couldn’t handle it but this year’s class can. At this point in the year, I have a one strike and you’re out policy. If I see someone’s not using a book buddy appropriately, they have to put it back and can’t use it for the rest of the period.

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