Genre Word Clouds

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At the end of my 3rd grade genre unit, students did some carousel brainstorming to come up with ways to describe each genre.

Then, we took all the brainstormed words and made word clouds using ABCYA:  The kids LOVED the word clouds.  I printed them out and put them around my fiction collection.  After the kids learned how to use ABCya, I was able to use it as a center activity.  

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  1. Ms. B

    My 3rd and 4th graders loved the word clouds too! We used them to describe themselves as a reader. They incorporated their favorites from titles, characters and genres to where and how (kindle, paperback, etc) they like to read. I meshed this with some keyboarding and word processing by having them type their list in Word then, copying and pasting repeated words and finally copy-paste entire list to the word cloud program. They came out great!

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