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While studying genres with 3rd grade, I used genre passports as a reading incentive program.  Kids were able to get a genre “passport” during library class.  After we discussed each of 5 genres – fantasy, realistic fiction, historical fiction, mystery, and science fiction – students could read the genre and fill out their passport.  On the passport, I asked students for the book title and genre clues – how did they know their book fit into this genre?  I added a sticker to their passports as each genre was completed.  A full passport equaled a prize from the prize box and their picture on the genre passport bulletin board outside the library.  

Genre Passport – Front

Genre Passport – Back

7 Responses to “Fiction Genre Reading Program”

  1. Michelle

    I love this! We’re studying poetry and I think I could use something like this to get them to understand the differences between this genre and others… you’re awesome! :)

  2. Anonymous

    Do you have a booklets for each genre of books you recommend?

    • Mrs. Lodge

      I don’t have a booklet but that is an amazing idea and I will definitely do that this year! I introduce a genre per week and have a display for the week. I like to use genre stickers on my fiction so books in each genre are easy to find (for me and the kids!).

  3. Anonymous

    Love your site!!! Just curious as to how you keep up with ALL that you’re doing! Do you have the “Genre form template” anywhere on your site?

  4. Anonymous

    Is it possible to have you send me your passport? I love this idea and was just placed in my school library for next year. I am searching for ideas now so I will be well prepared when school begins. Can you let me know around when you start this lesson? My email is

  5. Anonymous

    I am also wondering if your passport is posted somewhere, or if you could send a copy to me. Love your ideas!

  6. Shan Cantue

    Is there a template for the fiction genre passport or how can I obtain one? Loved it!

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