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Valentine's Day Center

Here is a quick and easy Valentine center I started using in my library this week.  I put out a sign and paper hearts (some cut with our die-cut machine and some cut by hand because the die-cut ones were pretty small!). The kids write a reason they love our library on one of the hearts.

I've seen a pretty wide range of reasons the kids love the library and it's always interesting to decipher first grade spelling :)

The hearts would make a very sweet Valentine's Day bulletin board, maybe along with books you have about Valentine's Day.  Sadly, I don't have any bulletin boards and have VERY limited wall space but this one empty wall is my make shift bulletin board.  It's conveniently located across from the door that connects to the office and is used as a cut through by nearly everyone in the building.  Always good to remind people the library is well loved!

The center sign I made is free at my TPT store if you want to grab a copy!

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