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To go along with my Engineering Center, I created a little Makerspace Gallery for students to display their finished products. The kids were so excited to show off everything they created and I hoped by creating a gallery, I could get more makerspace buy-in from my school. I would say this worked on some level with teachers but I never felt my principal “got it”.

Our maker gallery was several empty bookshelves. What better to fill them with than student work? I included a sign explaining what a makerspace is and about our creations. Students who completed a project could display it with their name and a title. I especially loved seeing products from all grades, K through 5, next to each other in the gallery!






Overall, students really enjoyed looking at each other’s work. Kids would check for projects by their siblings or siblings friends and stop to look at what had been. Unfortunately, we did have a few instances (maybe 2 or 3 throughout the year) in which pieces of projects were taken. I’m not sure how to go about preventing this aside from discussing it with each class. I do feel like it was a positive addition to our library, a nice community project, and helped kids get excited about making.

I’d love to hear how you share maker projects in your library!

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  1. Michelle Bridges

    I have makerspace centers in my library too, and I would love to be able to display the work the kids do, but I need the materials for the next classes. How long do you leave your displays up before taking them down again?

    • mrslodge

      I left them up for several weeks. I was lucky my 5th grade team gave me 4 huge bins of K’Nex to borrow and between those and my other building materials, there was enough. Some building materials ran out, like snap blocks, and then they weren’t a choice for a few weeks. Eventually, I ended up using a few empty shelves to store all my materials and the kids had free choice of what to use as long as it was clean up as expected. I have had great luck finding building material at tag sales and thrift stores so I have a bunch of different things. I’ve also asked families for donations and they’ve given me things their kids don’t use anymore!

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