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I just discovered an amazing setting in Destiny: showing TitlePeek images during checkout!  I have been working with my K and 1st graders to scan their own cards and books and I usually ask a parent volunteer to supervise or do so myself because not all the youngest students can easily check that their book titles are showing up on the screen.  They know if it’s their account because they look for their name and picture but when it came to the books, I wasn’t sure they really knew all their books were checked out.  While I was looking to change the sounds Destiny makes, I found an option to show the Titlepeek images during check out and check in!

Destiny Catalog

This may be common knowledge but it’s brand new to me so I figured I’d post about it in case it was new to other people as well.  It’s been so helpful because kids can SEE the picture of the books they have out and are checking out.  I’m comfortable walking away from the kindergarten check out station to help someone because the kids will check for the book image to show up when they scan.  Another advantage for me is that in the past kids wouldn’t always recognize books by their titles and say “I didn’t check that out!” and I’d have to go in and find the record with the image and then they would remember.  Now it’s all there for them to see.

Do you have any good Destiny tips and tricks?

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  1. Alison shoaf

    I love this! My students do self checkout (I’m the only media center in my district to let students do that) and this will help out so much! I can’t wait to show my students when school starts back up. Thank you for posting!!

  2. Jennifer Bitzkie

    You just MADE MY DAY….in fact…MY ENTIRE YEAR NEXT YEAR!!!! THANKS!!!!

  3. Celeste A.

    How do you get student pictures into Destiny? The only way I’ve ever done it is painstakingly slow! Do you have a trick for that? Thanks for sharing!

    • mrslodge

      I don’t have any tricks, unfortunately. Our district is so big we have someone who does this for all the schools.

  4. Kristi

    I may be two years late to this party but that does not mean I’m not stinkin’ excited to read this life changing information! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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