Oh Hi!

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Between my spring book fair, typical end of year craziness, and some other big things Mr. Lodge and I have going on, I’ve been seriously neglecting my poor blog!  I did some really fun poetry activities in April and early May that I’m very excited to share so keep an eye out for those!

To make up for my lack of posts, here is a very cool video one of my 4th grade teachers sent me today.  It’s the world’s longest book domino chain by the Seattle Public Library.  It was created to build excitement for summer reading.  If you haven’t seen it already, it’s definitely worth watching!

3 Responses to “Oh Hi!”

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing, I loved it!

  2. Mrs. Dunnack

    Very awesome! I’m going to show it in my classes tomorrow….

  3. Martina Pysing

    Love it!! going to share this with people.

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