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I’m finally on Twitter: @mrslodge.

I haven’t tweeted since grad school @simmonsgslis quite a few years ago. I don’t think I knew how to use it effectively.  Now I know a whole bunch of fantastic librarians who use Twitter to connect and share like @libraryreeder@mkschoen@MatthewWinner@senoritao@myschoollibrary, and @librarybrods.  I even found a new library friend already – @WESMediaCenter (also check out her blog at Search. Discover. Share!).  So, we will see how it goes!  

PS – Feel free to leave me some tweeting advice…I’m a little overwhelmed at how much info can be shared in 140 characters or less!

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  1. Ms. Broderick

    The #titletalk chats on the last Sunday of the month are usually awesome! AND the ability to connect with amazing authors and illustrators, who, more often than not are jumping right into conversations!

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