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This center was inspired by an old bulletin board I had last year. Students made book spines, complete with title, author, and call number.

I decided to try  this activity out as a center and it’s been working really well!  I use strips of paper with spine label stickers.  There are always tons of scraps in our teacher’s room and I don’t usually even have to cut any myself!

Students can create a book spine for an actual book they enjoy or they can make up a title.  They write the call number on the spine label.  I’ve been laminating the book spines and we will alphabetize them and create a bookshelf on the wall.



This spine was made by a 4th grade teacher!  I love when the classroom teachers participate in activities.  It gets the kids that much more excited!
You can grab this center on TPT here. It also comes as a project and library center bundle!

Book Spine Makerspace and Library Center

3 Responses to “Book Spine Center”

  1. Mrs. Crook

    Bet my students would enjoy this too!

  2. Bibliocat

    Nice….. I think it is a great idea. I have a new bulletin board that covers a door. I could make it into a “book shelf”. Thank you!

  3. Carolyn

    I love it! I am definitely adding this idea to my growing centers. I especially like the idea that you are using them for a bulletin board or activity. I might also encourage students to use them as bookmarks.

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