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I have a long list of library projects to do this summer, including this one.  When I saw Duplo projects on Pinterest, I knew it was something I had to incorporate into my library.  I struggle with poetry and thought Duplo poetry would be a great center during poetry month. The blocks can also be used to write sentences or stories.  I also love having hands on activities like this and Library Trivia Jenga (and so do the kids!).

This morning when I was out for a run, I noticed some signs for a bunch of tag sales around the corner from  me.  I stopped home for some cash and headed over, hoping I could at least find a cute puzzle or some prize books.  This is what I came home with for only $8: 

I am beyond excited about all the fun things I can do with these!!!

3 Responses to “Jackpot!”

  1. Amy

    What an awesome score! I need to get more motivated to get out on weekends and yard sale shop.

    • Mrs. Lodge

      Do it! This was the first yard sale I’ve been to in years. They had some other good stuff but I only had the $8 on me. I’ll definitely be hitting up a lot of yard sales this summer with all the Pinterest projects I want to do!

  2. Anonymous

    Excellent score!! Please share your finished project! I also will be on the lookout for yard sales!! Congrats!!

    Anne-Marie Ross
    Library Media Specialist
    Manomet & Indian Brook Elementary Schools
    Plymouth, MA

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